Kawasaki KLT / KZ Regulator (Rectifier – AKI6019)


20 in stock



Voltage Regulator for Kawasaki M/C


Used on: KLT200 198cc 1981-84: KLT 200 Duskster 198cc 1983: KLT250 246cc 1982-83: KLT250 Prarie 246cc 1983-85: KZ250 CSR 250cc 1980-91: KZ250 CSR Belt 250cc 1982: KZ440 440cc 1980-81: KZ440 LTD 440cc 1980-83: KZ440 LTD Belt 440cc 1980-83: KZ440 Sports Belt 440cc 1982: KZ650 650cc 1980: KZ650 LTD 650cc 1980: KZ750 CSR Twin 750cc 1980: KZ750 LTD II 750cc 1980

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